Demo Trustprofile

Demo Trustprofile

Welcome to our demo profile! For this section, you've got two words to describe your e-shop. Make them count! "...We designed this profile to showcase the features and functionality of the Trustprofile platform. Explore it to get an idea of what it would look like for your webshop..."


Member of EHI Geprüfter Online-Shop since 2023

It is legally checked and proven compliant with all legal requirements.

Its identity is clear and recognized.

It respects your consumer rights.

It uses our regulatory mediation procedures for complaints.

Manifest signed and story shared.

Heart for the cause

Manifest signed and story shared.

The 'Heart of Cause' badge invites you to show your customers the human side of your business. By adding your personal story and sharing who you are as an entrepreneur, you let them know they're buying from a real person who cares about their experience.

That's how we would do it:

"...After transforming WebwinkelKeur into the most trusted seal for webshops in the Netherlands, Daan decided to conquer the world with Trustprofile. The company aspires to empower SMEs to compete with major players by providing affordable trust signals to help them succeed in ecommerce..."

So, get creative, and add a personal touch to your Trustprofile page.

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